Junior Shinkendo

Shinkendo classes for Juniors (11-15yrs).
Practice the prime martial art of the ancient Samurai warriors; Japanese Swordsmanship.

Alongside physical training you will also learn about the Samurai’s philosophies and attitude, and how they mentally prepared themselves to be strong in battle.

Shinkendo Juniors

Team work, respect and discipline are already an integral part of our Dojo, and we look forward to adding new members to our international community.

Join us after school for regular training on Mondays and Fridays, 17:00 – 18:00
Classes are given in English. Monthly contribution is 30 euro.
Special times and longer workshops during the school holidays will be announced on the website.

Emma White

Emma White
Instructor, Shinkendo Juniors

Grainne Delaney

Grainne Delaney
Instructor, Aikido Juniors

Junior aikido

Have Fun getting Fit and learn a Japanese Martial Art!

These classes are for kids age 7 till 10, and juniors age 11 till 15.

In its definition as ’way of harmony’, the peaceful martial art is the perfect physical and mental discipline for children.
Rooted in non-aggressive philosophy and techniques, Aikido teaches us self-control and control of the other’s energy.
So you cannot start a fight, only finish one!
In the dojo we are all the same under the instruction of the sensei (teacher), so we learn to work with other students in a non-competitive way, while developing skills of self-defence.

Ki-Ai Club

Ki-Ai Club
Ki – from the Japanese word for ‘life energy’.
Ai-Ki-Do means the way of joining your energy with another’s.

Ki-Ai is the sound we make when we perform a technique.
It is the sound of bringing our mind, body and spirit into a single purpose.

To do this we train using exercises to strengthen our posture, co-ordination, breathing, concentration and control.

A typical training session consists of:

Focus and centering by a short meditation technique
Learning respect for the dojo & each other by bowing to the shomen (shrine of the dojo) and saying the Japanese words for ‘let us work together’
A physical warm up to get ready for learning a new technique, or practise a known one
Partner practise
Group games
Training ends with focus, centering meditation and bowing again to thank the sensei (teacher) and each other for the lesson
Cleaning up